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Sound Insulation Testing

Sound insulation testing is now a very important part of the build process for both new build and material change of use (conversions) residential dwellings. The changes to the Building Regulations requirements and in particular the pre-completion test routine detailed in the Approved Document E - Resistance to the passage of sound is not straightforward and we offer specialist advice from conception to completion.

Have you been asked to provide local authority or the guarantee company with a Pre-Completion Sound Test Certificate?
We offer an Accredited Sound Insulation Testing service as required by Approved Document E (2003) of the Building Regulations. We offer accredited services and a knowledge base second to none.

We have in depth knowledge of the variety of constructions that are being used and our knowledge base of these different constructions will help to identify any potential problem areas.

Frequently asked questions

Why choose an accredited company?
Choosing an accredited company gives you the peace of mind that your reports will be accepted by all local authorities, building control and national guarantee companies. We follow stringent quality control measures in all aspects of our business to ensure the highest possible standards, this ensures that you will have no problems in submitting sound insulation testing reports.

Is my site ready for testing?
Sound insulation testing takes place at a "pre-completion" stage, with the following requirements a must for us to carry out testing:

  • 240V Electricity in the flats being tested
  • All windows and doors in situ and closable
  • No carpets to be laid
  • All separating elements to be completed
  • Skirting boards should be installed
  • All separating elements to be completed
  • There should be no trades or noisy activity taking place during testing
  • The rooms must be empty of furniture and other objects

How soon can you perform the tests?
Due to the already tight time frame experienced on most sites, we do all we can to ensure a professional and speedy response to your request. However we do ask that you give us as much notice as possible when booking in a test date.

What if a test fails?
We will investigate the site and the construction elements used and advise you on the best and most effective remedial works in order to rectify the problem. We do, however, recommend you engage us at the design stage so we can hopefully eradicate any issues we may face during testing.

What are the Building Regulations requirements?
'Approved Document E - Resistance to the passage of sound' 2003 edition of the Building Regulations stipulates that sound insulation testing should take place in all residential developments that involve party elements (walls and/or floors). Purpose built developments will have to be tested if the 'Robust Standard Details' scheme has not been implemented. It is recommended that you speak to the local authority with regards to number of tests required, we will tell you what we think is applicable but you must seek clarification from the local authority or guarantor.

The specific performance requirements for new builds and conversions are set within Approved Document E (2003 Edition) and are summarised in the following tables.

Purpose built dwellings


Airborne Sound Insulation (DnT,w + Ctr)

> 45 dB

> 43 dB

Impact Sound Insulation (L'nT,w) for floors only

< 62 dB

< 64 dB

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