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Air Pressure Testing

Air Pressure Testing

Air leakage testing is required in all purpose built residential dwellings and commercial buildings. We offer qualified and registered air leakage testing, ensuring that all reports are accepted by the necessary bodies Nationwide. Again, our extensive knowledge base in this subject ensure that we can help you from conception to completion and you can rest in the knowledge that your testing will be performed to the highest quality standards.

Is my site ready?
Air testing is generally performed at the very end of the job, it can be performed with carpets down and rooms furnished, however it is advised that it is done before this stage. Please call us to discuss your site conditions.

What if a test fails?
We will perform a smoke audit to determine the leakage areas, there are main leakage areas that are apparent on every site. However, we recommend that you contact us at the design stage so we can eradicate the potential problem areas and make sure that you have covered all the leakage points.

Room Integrity

Room integrity testing or the air tightness testing of gaseous fire suppression systems is undertaken upon commissioning. The test procedure is very similar to air leakage testing – this testing is performed to check the ability of the enclosure to retain an effective concentration of gas. This testing is performed in such rooms as:

We provide room integrity testing to the required methodologies. We have extensive experience testing all types and sizes of enclosure, and perform all the necessary calculation prior to commencing the testing.

  • Server rooms
  • Computer rooms
  • Data suites


Please call us to discuss exactly what you need, whether it is a residential/commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), or a residential Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) rating or a commercial Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM). We can offer these services at the design stage of the process and also offer the completed calculations at the end of the build.

Request a Call Back

If you would like to speak to someone to discuss your acoustic or air pressure testing requirements, please complete our online form and we will call you back for a no obligation chat.

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