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Commercial Sound Proofing

Commercial sound proofing covers a wide range of subjects, including:

  • Reverberation (echo) control
  • Partition sound attenuation
  • Flanking transmission
  • Offices
  • Control of noise from entertainment venues


Does your office, restaurant or commercial space have high levels of echo apparent, is it hard to control speech or difficult to hear people on the telephone due to others talking at the same time? We can help by increasing the absorption apparent within the space. This can be installed in a number of ways and all of which can be discussed at the no obligation visit.

Partition Sound Attenuation:

Is the performance of your partitions not good enough. Is sensitive information being heard in other offices? We can advise and install sound proofing to the partition to improve the attenuation and ensure that the performance is as it should be.

Noise from entertainment venues:

There are a lot of mixed-use buildings apparent nowadays with residential dwellings located above, below and to the side of entertainment venues. Such buildings often require a higher level of sound attenuation to ensure the residential dwellings are not affected by the high noise levels associated with entertainment venues. We can install comprehensive sound proofing and noise control measures to the venue to ensure the highest possible level of noise reduction. We can liaise directly with the local authority to establish the required level of attenuation and ensure the communication paths remain open throughout the process.

Flanking Transmission:

Noise does not only travel directly through the element, but around the side, over the top & below. This is called flanking transmission. If the flanking elements are not considered then the performance of the works may be reduced. We can investigate this and offer suitable solutions for areas such as above ceilings & below raised computer floors to ensure all paths are treated.

For any commercial, industrial, residential or office building we can offer suitable sound proofing options.

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