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Sound Proofing - Airtight Noise Check

Sound Proofing

Airtight & Noisecheck Ltd provide specialist sound proofing processes that can remove unwelcome troublesome noise to your property. If you are unable to get uninterrupted sleep because of disturbing street noise or a neighbours TV volume, we can help by soundproofing your property.

We all want to enjoy our homes but noise can be a big issue, especially when neighbours have different working hours. It works both ways – I’m sure you don’t wish to upset your neighbours with noise from your home too.

Our years of experience solving differing noise problems, have provided help to distressed residents who were anxious to find some peace and quiet.

With over 30 years experience in the construction business, our knowledge of soundproofing extends from residential to commercial properties. Our amiable and energetic team work closely together using their individual skills and knowledge of soundproofing, whilst upholding a high level of quality control. This is clearly what sets us apart from many of our competitors throughout London and the South of England.

We can provide and install:

  • Sound Insulation
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Independent wall linings
  • Reverberation Control
  • Tecsound
  • Resilient membranes or bars
  • Isolation strips
  • Norsound Door products
  • Office partitioning

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